Parent Pivot

January 1 - December 31

Desperately parenting in desperate times? Parents, imagine how different life with your teenager could be if you understood their world and could use this understanding to start conversations that matter! What if you could have real & formative conversations about life, faith, and what it means to follow Jesus?

What if you had help from the nation’s top parenting speakers? -What if you had a coach to help you navigate tough issues? 

-What if you had a community of parents & mentors from FCC journeying alongside you?

-What if you had hundreds of other video & audio resources at your disposal?

Starting in January, we will have this available to you through Parent Pivot! Each month we’ll hear from top speakers and authors on subjects that matter to our teens. In addition to a monthly focus, you’ll have access to a massive video & audio library of culturally relevant guides for parents, optional monthly meetings with a parenting coach who can help you problem solve, and a community of other parents & mentors from FCC who are all in this together. Does this sound like a resource you’ve been waiting for? We hope so! Register online before January 1, 2021.