Mission Statement:
 The mission of Care Net Pregnancy and Resource Center is to help, counsel and comfort as an expression of the love of Christ.
 It is our purpose to help in tangible and practical ways those that are affected by a crisis pregnancy. We counsel without censure or judgment.
What Are We?
We are a Christ-Centered, Pro-Life Resource Center.
Whom Do We Serve?
 We serve those facing crisis pregnancies, other related sexual issues and parenting challenges.
What Type of Ministry Do We Strive For? 
  • Christ-Centered
  • Biblically Based
  • Caring With Integrity
  • Non-Judgmental
  • Loving
  • Caring
  • Growing
How Do We Carry Out Our Mission ?
HELP (we provide free of charge):
Pregnancy tests
Parenting classes
Abstinence training
Bible studies
Education alternatives to Abortion
Professional referrals
Maternity homes
Post-Abortion counseling
Without Censure
Peer Counseling
Attitude of Love
Talk to someone about Care Net
Christina Soltan | Director
Cindy Hoyos | Outreach Director
Care Net office phone: 805.928.9285
Thank you to everyone for picking up a bottle to fill to help support CareNet Santa Maria! CareNet is a local non-profit, and its mission is to help, counsel, and comfort those affected by a crisis pregnancy as an expression of the love of Christ without censure or judgment. If you picked up a bottle, they can be returned to the church on or before Father’s Day (June 17) to support the on-going operation of CareNet Santa Maria! Bottles can be brought to Church on Fathers Day or dropped off to the Church office during the week (Monday-Thursday, 9am-5pm.