Student Impact Team

Be a Culture Maker

We Love Because He First Loved Us.

Student Impact Team members recognize that serving others is one of the highest callings in the life of a Christian. Student Impact team members go the extra mile time and again because Jesus first went the extra mile for us. In response to what Christ has done, Student Impact team does for others. Come be a part of a culture-making team this school year!

The Calling

Student Impact team members will work as a team to help shape FCC's Student Ministry to be a student-led movement of young people pursuing Jesus. As you are equipped in leadership, you'll be asked to take up a role on either Sunday mornings or Wednesday nights, as well as contribute to the broader mission and vision of Student Ministry.

The Commitment

The Calling of a Student Impact team member is so important...therefore the commitment is significant! Before applying, please read through the commitment and make sure you understand what that will mean for your overall schedule. Student Impact team members will commit to everything listed below from August 6, 2024 until June 8, 2025.

Boot Camp | Aug 6-8

This three day boot camp will equip you for the year ahead and bring us together as a team. Because of it's importance, it is required for all SI team members.

Ministry Vision & Mission

Come alongside the Student Ministry Staff and lend your voice to the vision, mission, and program calendar. Help us dream & design intentional experiences that connect people to Jesus and community.

Sundays or Wednesdays

SI team members who lead on Sundays will assist with Junior HIgh Sunday Mornings and have a hands-on role with Junior High students. SI team members who lead on Wednesdays will help shape the high school ministry to be student-led in almost every way.

Leadership SYNCs

Discipleship, debreifing what's past and dreaming for the future. Monthly on the 1st Sunday of the month at 10:15am in the Box.

Quarterly Team Nights

A team that serves together needs to stick together! Every few months we'll get together as a team to simply hang out, share a meal, and do life together.

How to apply

Step 1: Make sure you understand the commitment as described above.

Step 2: Talk to your parents about you making this commitment this year. Make sure you are on the same page as them and that they are in support of you doing it.

Step 3: Apply for student impact team via the button below.

Step 4: Have your parents complete the parent form via the button below.

Step 5: Ask TWO adults to submit character references for you. Send them the character reference link via the button below.