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Parents (still) Have Influence!

Parenting teens can be tough, and can be especially tough when it comes to faith. Many parents find that dinner table devotionals that used to bring the family together in Jesus are now met with awkward silence from their teenager. Parent, you’re not alone! Nationally, 1 in 2 students walk away from their faith after graduating high school. Parents and churches alike want to know…How can i help my student own their faith for life?

Fuller Youth Institute launched a study that sought to answer that very question, and found encouraging results…there ARE things that parents can do to help their teenagers choose Jesus for life! Here are the “big four”:

1. Parents are (Still) a teen's Primary Influence
Though it may feel otherwise during the teenage years, parents remain the #1 influencers in a teens’ life. Teens are looking to their parents to model what following Jesus looks like through serving, worship, prayer, community, and more. Faith is more “caught” than “taught”.
Question: How are you pursuing Jesus in your own life?
Consider making your own faith a priority as you push to make it a priority for your teenager.

Student ministry comes alongside you:

Parent Classes to help equip you to be a model of faith.

Parent “Connects” to connect you to a Jesus-Centered community of fellow parents.

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2. Involvement in the Broader Church
Because parents remain the primary faith influencers to their teen, involvement in all-church Sunday Services WITH their parents is more consistently linked with mature faith than any other form of church (youth group, etc). Main service is a place where parents can teach & model faith!
Question: How often do you attend main service with your student?
Consider making it a point to attending with them this month, then debrief on the ride home.
Student ministry comes alongside you by providing age-appropriate classes, but also giving you a chance to attend Main Service with your student:

Junior High weekly classes at 11:15a on Sundays. Sunday classes do not meet the 1st Sunday of each month so that JHi students can worship with their families.

High School Sunday classes (intermittent) are designed to compliment, not replace, Sunday morning worship.
3. Serving the Broader Church and World
Students crave purpose. They don’t just want to be spiritual consumers, but Kingdom contributors! Students serving within the broader church body is linked to more mature faith and a greater ownership over the Kingdom. The more students serve in the broader church body, the more likely their faith will stick.
Question: How much of your family’s church involvement is sitting in a seat vs serving?
Consider getting involved by volunteering to serve! The more students see themselves making an impact, the more Jesus makes an impact on them!
Student ministry comes alongside you:

Both JHi & HS students are encouraged to join the Sunday service teams! Kids ministry, Special Needs, Coffeeshop, Tech, Safety team. There are TONS of opportunities – just ask a ministry leader to get started!

4. Relationships With Trusted Adults
The more trusted Christian adults involved in the life of a teenager, the more likely their faith will stick. More trusted adults = more role models to follow!
Question: Who else besides you is investing in your students’ faith?
Consider building a network of trusted adults around your student!
Student ministry comes alongside you:
Wednesday Youth Group (6:30p) features grade/gender-divided small groups – each group has two consistent (and awesome!) small group leaders! Not to mention worship, games, teaching, and so much more! More info on the events & classes page.

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