Newlove Christian Church

Mission & Purpose
The Newlove Christian Church exists for the purpose of:
  • Establishing and maintaining a strong and healthy Hispanic church where everybody can worship the Lord
  • Provide for Christian fellowship, where God the Father, Jesus the Son and The Holy Spirit are honored with our personal testimony
  • To share and assume the responsibility and the privilege of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ by all available means, both at home and elsewhere.
Vision & Goals
  • To love God and worship Him with all of our hearts, teaching them to walk in integrity and godliness and to pray fervently that God’s will be done.
  • To teach the Word of God with balance and depth, to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ enthusiastically and lovingly with the Hispanic Community in Newlove, in the city of Santa Maria and the world.
  • To build a community of mature, joyful believers who will be empowered to fulfill their God-ordained purpose and ministry in life.
  • To maintain healthy family and community relationships and to bring wounded, hurting and broken people to wholeness through a new relationship through Christ and his unconditional love

Newlove After School Programs 

Provide a safe place for the kids of the Newlove area to hang out. They experience the love of God in word and action. In the Sonshine Club the kids study the Bible, play a game or do a craft. In the Homework club they get help with their homework and read to an adult. They can also just come and hang out, play games, do puzzles, color, do a craft. It is a Christian environment where it is okay and encouraged to talk about God and the Bible. We are trying to impact a child’s heart which will then hopefully impact their family and world. We would love to have you help us. We meet Mon-Wed. 3:30-5:00pm. We would love to open up every day when enough volunteers are available. Please call Lisa Smith (805) 349-2096, (805) 714-6217

Current ministry opportunities:
  • English as a second language (ESL) – There is a current need for ESL teachers. You do not need to speak Spanish, and training will be provided. Contact David at the number listed above if you are interested or have any questions.
  • Worship Sunday Service: We need a music leader to help with the worship service and coach some church members.
  • Women’s Bible Study: Speakers for a biweekly fellowship time with ladies.
  • Youth Group: Volunteers to work with teens and discipleship program.
  • Children Sunday School: Volunteers to help during the different classes.
  • Computer Class: Tutors for basic computer skills.
  • After School Program: Volunteers to help with homework and reading programs.
  • Renovation project: Volunteers and donors for the renovation/expansion sanctuary project.
Talk to someone about Newlove Christian Church
David Jiménez – Pastor-Director
215 W. Newlove Dr.
Suite A
Santa Maria, CA 93458
Office Phone: 805.925.4963
Cell Phone: 805.868.3464