Blessing Tree

November 23 - December 13 2020


November 29 – December 13

The Blessing Tree gifting offers several options this year. Angel Tree (children of prisoners) will be online only. This option allows you to sponsor a child of a prisoner for $22 to receive a Christmas package on behalf of their incarcerated loved one. The Christmas package will include: a gift card to Walmart, the prisoner parent’s message, a Gospel presentation, and an opportunity to request a free Adventure Bible.

There will still be ornaments on our trees at church for children of Newlove Christian Church and Pathways Foster Care that can be picked up on Sundays or during the week. It is our privilege to reach out to these children with one gift each. Each gift is not to exceed $25.00, is to be wrapped and returned to the church by Sunday Dec. 13. Join with us to bless a child this Christmas!

Access Code: F9MD7