What is Royal Family KIDS?
Royal Family KIDS is the only national network of camps, clubs and mentors, designed for children of abuse, abandonment or neglect ages 6-12. Royal Family KIDS now an international organization develops week-long summer camps and Club / Mentoring programs for abused children who have been placed in foster care. For many of these children, their week at CAMP is the first time ever in their lives they feel security, warmth, and love from dedicated adult caregivers. For them it can be a life changing experience. When the children arrive at CAMP, they are assigned a caring Counselor, along with a surrogate “Grandma and Grandpa” and “Aunt and Uncle”. For so many of the precious children, this is their first experience with how a real family functions. They discover self-worth and a feeling of success as they accomplish projects and make friends. After CAMP they are eligible to attend the RFK Club/Mentoring program. It is a 9 month program that runs during the school year. Each foster child is paired one on one with a mentor. Each mentor commits 6 hours a month with the mentee.
Our Purpose: Sponsor a Camp and Club for abused, abandoned and neglected foster children
Our Mission: Create positive memories for foster children ages 6-12
Our Vision: Reach 800 foster kids in Santa Barbara County
Our Strategy: Treat every child like royalty
What can you do to engage with Royal Family KIDS?
You can have a personal part in Royal Family KIDS here is Santa Maria.
Royal Family KIDS Club & Mentoring
We are looking for more mentors who are willing to commit to 6 hours a month
with a foster child who attended camp.
Royal Family KIDS is an all volunteer, Non Profit. All proceeds go to the two programs for foster children ages 6-12.
Talk to someone about Royal Family KIDS
Director of Camp – Diane Rae
Director of Club – Jan Holford
Phone: 805.264.0731
email: santamariarfkc@gmail.com