26Bridges to the Nations is a coordinating organization strategically linking Christians and Christian organizations around the world for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission of Matthew 28. Bridges to the Nations focuses on reaching the least reached cities and people groups in the world, by mobilizing and equipping short and long term workers to meet physical and spiritual needs in cities and tribes in areas of the greatest need.
Currently, Randy and Edie Nelson serve in Thailand, where they have a two part ministry. In the city of Pattaya, in 2004, they planted a growing church that meets the needs of young people leaving the sex trade in that city. They have opened a “Welcome Center” in Pattaya that provides job counseling and intervention for people coming into the city as a way of preventing human trafficking. In a parallel ministry, Randy speaks and teaches in several regions in Thailand, assisting Thai leaders to coordinate ways to impact their communities. He provides an interactive planning seminar called “Keys to spiritual breakthrough for Communities”.
In August we had a unique and exciting opportunity to pray at three historic churches in Bangkok. 60 intercessors came together from 10 churches..this is part of an informal prayer network. Two of the oldest churches in Bangkok are preparing to celebrate their 120 and 180 year anniversaries--as they look back at high points in their church growth, many remember the 1930's when John Sung, a revivalist from China, came to Thailand and led extended meetings that had a great impact. In this picture at Sapan Leaung Church, an 80+ year old man tells us about the past revival and challenges us to go for it again in this day!  With the pastors and leaders joining in, Jonathan Ngai, whose grandfather worked with John Sung in China, was here in Bangkok, along with Sharon and his Radiance team, to bring a key prayer focus for the day as well!  These events bring renewed vision, commitment and encouragement to the church.
Although we called it a prayer journey, our group was just travelling a few miles, through the crowded streets of the original "old city" of Bangkok, stopping through the day for prayer gatherings at three different churches.  Our second stop was in the winding streets of original Chinatown at the 180 year old Maitrichit Baptist Church. Here we had a second prayer gathering and again, heard inspiring stories from some elderly members about the historic past. Finally, our last stop was the SamRay church. This was the first Protestant church in Bangkok and is located on the banks of the Chao Praya river. Here land was granted to the earliest missionaries who came to Thailand. Its such a privilege to work with the churches and leaders here.  Keep praying for Thailand!
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What can you do to engage with Bridges to the Nations in Thailand?
Following are ways you can get engaged:
  • English camps in Rural Schools in NE Thailand
  • Assist one of two small rural churches with programs and building
  • Pattaya City
  • Evangelism and/ or worship outreact 
  • Business training at welcome center